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Maximize the full potential

As artificial intelligence (AI) progresses, organizations are eager to harness the capabilities of AI-powered chatbots and language models such as ChatGPT for various purposes. Maximize the full potential of OpenAI and ChatGPT with our all-inclusive consulting services, seamlessly incorporating your company data into AI solutions. Our services range from strategic planning and bespoke chatbot development to API integration and continuous support.

Tap into the potential of OpenAI with our wide array of project offerings, encompassing AI strategy, bespoke chatbot development, API integration, and performance enhancement. Collaborate with ARCHITECH NYC to revolutionize your business with customized AI solutions, specifically designed to tackle your distinct challenges and goals.

What we offer

Predictive analytics gives you the power to turn insights from historical data into a competitive advantage in many operation facets. Avenga is highly experienced in different types of predictive modeling.

Our ML specialists build and utilize classification, clustering, time-series, and other types of algorithms that discover trends and patterns within datasets and thus enhance our clients' decision-making. With our guidance, you will be able to quickly capitalize on analytical models to facilitate better trend prediction and enhance security, workforce, inventory, marketing, and risk assessment management.

  • Tailored With Your Data

    Create and implement customized chatbot applications utilizing OpenAI's ChatGPT, seamlessly integrating them with existing systems and permissions while delivering a smooth user experience across various platforms.

  • Data Management and Security

    Guarantee data privacy and adherence to regulations within your application, while avoiding exposure of your proprietary company data to OpenAI during the training of custom models.

  • Technology Evaluation and Selection

    Assess the appropriateness of OpenAI and ChatGPT for client requirements, compare various AI platforms, and suggest the most suitable AI tools and technologies to achieve the desired results.

  • Build Your AI Roadmap

    Examine business needs and objectives related to AI and ChatGPT, pinpoint integration opportunities, and devise a strategic plan for AI adoption and execution.

  • Integrate Openai & Your Business Applications

    Design and incorporate OpenAI APIs into client-facing applications, optimize their utilization for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and troubleshoot and address any API-related concerns.

  • Boost Model Domain Expertise

    Educate and fine-tune the ChatGPT model to better comprehend client-specific demands and domain, improving performance and precision.

Our Working Journey

We evaluate your distinct business needs, objectives, and challenges to pinpoint areas where AI can bring added value.

Discovery & Assessment

Discovery & Assessment

We build a customized AI strategy and execution plan that aligns with your goals and addresses your specific requirements.

Strategy & Roadmap

Strategy & Roadmap

We construct and develop tailored AI solutions, such as chatbots or integrations, utilizing OpenAI and ChatGPT technologies.

Design & Deploy

Design & Deploy

We deploy and incorporate AI solutions within your existing systems and processes, guaranteeing smooth operations.

Deployment & Integration

Deployment & Integration

Optimization & Support

Monitoring, Optimization & Support

We offer continuous monitoring, performance enhancement, and assistance to ensure the success of your AI endeavors.

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