Software Testing and QA Services

Our Commitment to Quality Assurance

Our unwavering commitment to quality is at the heart of everything we do. We integrate cutting-edge quality assurance and software testing practices into every stage of the software development life cycle to enable our clients to deliver superior solutions, reduce development costs, and enhance operational performance.

We provide various types of testing and create custom QA plans for various type of solutions

Manual testing is typically utilized for applications that require frequent updates to their features. By conducting manual testing, our team can pinpoint vulnerabilities in your software that cannot be identified automatically. Moreover, it provides us with an in-depth comprehension of your application's workflow, which serves as a cornerstone for any subsequent automation testing that may be conducted.

Manual testing

Manual testing

Effective way to identify issues that are easily missed by automated testing.

Automated testing allows us to expand our testing scope and efficiently identify functional and non-functional issues. Our services empower organizations to comprehensively evaluate their app's performance and rapidly uncover any invalid functionality, architectural flaws, scalability issues, design mistakes, and other potential problems. This not only saves time and resources but also helps ensure that the software meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Automated testing

Automated testing

By automating repetitive tests, automated testing can save time and resources.

Continuous testing can help your organization achieve faster and more frequent software upgrades with less effort than conventional testing methods. Our continuous testing framework incorporates advanced features such as extended system integration testing, regression testing, and automated incident management. By utilizing these tools, we can streamline the testing process and ensure that your software meets the highest standards of quality, reliability, and user satisfaction.

Continuous testing

Continuous testing

Evaluate software quality across the SDLC, providing critical feedback earlier and enabling higher-quality and faster deliveries.









We cover all major types of testing



Black box

End to end





  • Mobile apps

    Architech NYC's focus is on delivering top-notch mobile app quality assurance services, including operative, usability, performance, and security testing, to provide users with a seamless and error-free experience. Our team of QA experts specializes in mobile-specific testing, from creating to analyzing tests, to ensure your app is of the highest quality.

  • Web & Desktop apps

    We do full web and desktop application testing or make separate tests for particular parts of the app. Web-based and desktop applications should be provided with functional, usability, interface, compatibility, performance, load stress testing, and security testing. We have the expertise to find and address both existing and potential bugs in projects of any complexity.

  • API Testing

    Architech NYC offers API testing services to ensure that your interfaces meet industry standards for functionality, reliability, performance, and security. By using our API testing services, you can reduce manual testing costs and seamlessly integrate with graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

  • Compliance testing

    Architech NYC offers a compliance testing service that ensures software functionality while adhering to local, national, and international standards. Our team executes market-specific testing to ensure a flawless system.

Industry-Leading QA Services Ensuring Exceptional Results

Architech NYC delivers high-performance QA services that surpass industry standards in terms of effectiveness and productivity.

  • Cut your testing costs by up to 40%

    Our KPI-based control over QA and testing performance, along with reusable test cases/scripts, enables you to save up to 40% on your testing costs.

  • Cut maintenance costs by 15%

    Minimize leakage of defects and implement proactive QA during software evolution, such as timely regression and performance testing.

  • Cut your testing time by up to 20%

    Accelerate Your Testing Process: Achieve -15% Testing Time with Our Scalable Resources and Shift-Left Approach.

  • Zero severe defects

    Achieved through a tailored QA process designed specifically for your software, prioritization of test cases, and efficient test design.

Our QA and Software Testing Services

Architech NYC strives to provide top-notch QA and testing services across all industries and for projects of all scopes and complexities.

  • QA outsourcing

    Architech NYC offers a comprehensive QA service, assuming responsibility for the entire quality assurance process, which comprises:

    • Developing a customized QA strategy and test plan based on the specific needs of the project

    • Evaluating the suitability and potential ROI of test automation and incorporating it into the software development lifecycle

    • Conducting all necessary testing activities and incorporating them into the software development process

    • Providing regular test reports and performance metrics for the QA team

    • Managing and optimizing the testing team's performance to ensure maximum efficiency and quality

  • QA consulting

    Architech NYC's QA consulting services can help you eliminate constraints in your QA process, increase QA maturity and efficiency, and achieve higher quality software. Our services include:

    • QA process setup

    • QA process audit and improvement

    • QA consulting for obtaining software, process, or QA maturity certifications

    • Test automation consulting and setup

    • Consulting on testing specific software types (e.g. IoT, big data, SaaS software)

    • Performing relevant testing activities

    • Training the in-house QA team

  • One-time testing

    Architech NYC’s testing team performs all or selected types of testing:

    • Functional testing

    • Compatibility testing

    • Localization testing

    • Performance testing

    • Usability testing

    • Security testing

  • Testing as a service

    Architech NYC offers end-to-end testing services, taking full responsibility for the testing process and team management. Our team is equipped to handle the following:

    • Crafting a test strategy and plan, and overseeing testing activities

    • Designing tests and developing test scripts

    • Providing tools and frameworks for automated testing

    • Conducting tests and delivering test reports

  • Quality Compliance Assessment

    Our team provides supplementary services that aim to ensure that your software satisfies all necessary criteria for compliance and standards, including:

    • Conducting manual code evaluations and automated code inspections to verify adherence to coding conventions and quality guidelines

    • Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards, such as HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS, GLBA, GDPR, and others

    • Web test accessibility assessment


Our QA Services Lifecycle

We tend to assign the QA team on early stages of the project, to guarantee better results and avoid information gaps.

  • Collect requirements and analyze the business logic

  • Build a testing strategy;

  • Identify risks (tight timelines, changing requirements, etc.)

  • Select tools for testing and perform a feasibility study of automation

  • Assign roles within the team



  • Specify the scope of testing at the integration and system levels.

  • Define share of automatic vs manual testing

  • Approve Testing schedule and define general test entry and test exit criteria

  • Prepare testing environment and frameworks

  • Introduce Test metrics

  • Prepare test cases



  • Prepare test data and Write test scripts

  • Execute manual and automated tests

  • Report on the detect issues in the preferred defect tracking system

  • Scripts and cases update

  • Regression and release testing

  • Implementation



  • Monitore the flow all activities at all SDLC stages.

  • Collecte and analyze KPIs (test coverage, requirements coverage, etc.).

  • Improvements in the QA process (e.g. adjusting the automation scope, conducting root cause analysis, etc.)





The product meets the required quality standards and is ready for deployment. This phase ensures that the product is safe, secure, and user-friendly, meeting customer expectations.

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