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Architech NYC offers cloud infrastructure services

Architech NYC provides cloud infrastructure services that enable you to leverage the advantages of a public cloud while utilizing your private cloud infrastructure. We assist you in identifying novel approaches to optimize automation, software development, IT operations, and resource allocation. This allows your team to concentrate on emerging business prospects while still maintaining security and cost efficiency.

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    GCP consulting

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    Azure consulting

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    AWS consulting

  • Migration

  • DevOps

  • Additional Services

We offer a comprehensive range of cloud-related services that cover the entire spectrum from initiation and strategy to implementation and ongoing support.

Cloud Adoption Strategy

We help enterprises establish resilient cloud infrastructures by creating a comprehensive cloud adoption strategy that addresses both technical changes and organizational challenges such as team restructuring and new budgeting policies. Our approach ensures a smooth transition to the cloud, paving the way for new and innovative solutions.

Infrastructure audit

We offer cloud infrastructure consulting services to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud. Our team assesses the current infrastructure and provides an estimation of the required investment and effort for the shift. We also evaluate the state of the software being used to plan its migration to the cloud and integration into the enterprise's digital ecosystem.

Selecting Optimal Cloud Technologies

We assist our clients in choosing the best cloud technologies that align with their business objectives. Our team recommends the most appropriate technology stacks that improve operational efficiency while delivering high-performance, compatibility with devices, and functional maturity. Additionally, we strive to reduce maintenance effort and provide our customers with the best possible solution.

Our tech expertise

Our tech expertise covers all aspects of cloud adoption, from complex software migration to redesigning software architecture to adapt it to the cloud. We also provide cloud-first development solutions that are custom engineered for businesses and integrated with essential security and connectivity features. Our cloud integration services tackle challenges associated with connecting cloud applications with on-premises or other cloud solutions.

  • Cloud Migration Expertise

    Architech NYC carries out complex direct and multistep software migration to the cloud. Within our cloud migration consulting, we not only physically move a solution and set it up in a new environment, we also enhance its features, UI/UX, performance, and security to build a solution satisfying to use and manage.

  • Redesigning Software Architecture for the Cloud

    Software architecture redesign is an essential part of Architech NYC’s cloud migration consulting scope. We rebuild legacy on-premises architectures to adapt them to the cloud parameters. Relying on our expertise and best practices, we deliver cloud architectures that are easy to implement, set up, and scale in the future.

  • Custom Cloud Development Solutions

    Fit for the cloud environment, our solutions are packed with integrated security and connectivity features, which makes their further deployment and customization painless.

  • Cloud Integration Services

    We tackle integration challenges to connect cloud apps with on-premises or other cloud solutions. By creating an interconnected environment, we ensure barrier-free data exchange and workflow management while preserving the immunity and flawless performance of the entire ecosystem.

Cloud deployment models

Our mission is to assist enterprises in selecting the cloud model that aligns with their specific business needs and compliance policies.

Public Cloud

We recommend a public cloud when businesses are prepared to exchange their sole ownership of software for a multi-tenant mode that requires less management effort.

  • Private Cloud

    We advise private cloud deployments to those companies who want to maintain their software autonomy while also having the ability to manage their cloud solutions in a manner similar to on-premises ones. This option is ideal for organizations that require greater control and customization of their cloud environment. By opting for a private cloud, companies can maintain a high level of security and compliance while still taking advantage of the scalability and flexibility of cloud technology.

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    We set up virtual private clouds that leverage the advantages of both public and private clouds, offering businesses a solution to the private vs public cloud debate.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    A hybrid cloud is the ideal solution for businesses that wish to benefit from the flexibility and scalability of a public cloud while maintaining complete control over their essential enterprise workflows and data stored in their on-premises infrastructure.

  • Multicloud

    We apply our expertise in cloud consulting to help our customers understand and successfully manage complex cloud ecosystems that embrace several cloud deployment models or cloud solutions from different providers.

Your cloud consulting options

Custom SaaS Solutions:

Our team specializes in creating custom, cloud-hosted solutions with unique features tailored to your business needs. From designing the architecture to launching the final product, we provide end-to-end assistance to bring your vision to life.

Platform-Based Cloud Solutions:

With a proven track record of successful cloud projects, Architect NYC can help you leverage popular cloud platforms that align with your specific industry requirements. Whether you need a Salesforce CRM, an Office 365 intranet, or an Acumatica-based ERP, our experts can customize these solutions to integrate the out-of-the-box strengths of the platforms with custom features that drive your business forward.


Cloud-native microservices

Our company develops cloud-native microservices-based architectures by decomposing applications into independent services that communicate via APIs. We prioritize microservices architecture over traditional monolithic ones to ensure that the delivered applications are easy to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot. Our solutions are designed to be easily extensible through scaling up with individual services rather than expanding the entire deployment, enabling businesses to adapt to changing market requirements.

Adopting Cloud Containers

Architech NYC assists companies in embracing cloud containers by utilizing the features of the top software containerization platforms like Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon ESC, and more. We adopt a container-based method for deploying and managing cloud applications by isolating software packages from the operating system, which enables them to be portable and compatible with any platform. By integrating cloud containers with a microservices architecture, we provide superior cybersecurity and performance.


Cloud solutions for AI, IOT, and BD

As an experienced cloud consulting team, Architech NYC helps businesses harness the full potential of the cloud to run their resource-intensive solutions, regardless of whether they are built on AI, IoT or big data.

Cloud for AI

We leverage cloud capabilities for training and deploying machine learning models, implementing content mining and cognitive services, and developing highly intelligent chatbots. We provide cloud solutions for hosting ready-made AI models or as sandboxes for AI projects.

Cloud for IoT

Our team combines cloud and IoT technologies to enable our customers to create and manage complex environments of connected devices and their generated data. We offer cloud IoT solutions for powering industrial operations, supporting connected home apps, and delivering public IoT to millions of users.

Cloud for Big Data

We unlock the potential of cloud computing to solve the challenges of big data storage, processing, and visualization. Our cloud solutions are customized to meet the needs of enterprises with regards to the volume, velocity, and variety of big data. This ensures the delivery of applicable operational and customer data in a secure and compliant environment.

Cloud Services Beyond Deployment

In addition to initial deployment and setup, businesses may require assistance with various cloud-related tasks. We offer extra support services to all of our clients.


We eliminate all cloud security concerns by implementing cloud-specific security controls. Our experts use the best security practices to ensure your cloud deployment is protected against constantly evolving threats and fully compliant with international and industry-specific regulations.


Our team applies our expertise to ensure that your cloud-based applications run smoothly across mobile platforms and devices. Improved employee and system connectivity, functional agility, and robust protection are essential components of every cloud project with mobile requirements.


If your organization lacks internal resources to manage your cloud deployment, we can help. We offer all levels of cloud implementation support and ongoing management to keep your solution updated, secure, and aligned with the needs of your users.

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