Custom Crypto Wallet Development

Revolutionizing Finance: Secure and Seamless Payments, Loans, and Trading

Our crypto wallets create a gateway for fast, secure, and seamless crypto payment, loan, and trading experiences. We help you launch non-custodial crypto wallets and expand your DeFi portfolio to a wider base of customers, offering enhanced security, faster transactions, and total control of their crypto assets. Our customized crypto wallets come with specialized features like keyless wallets with facial biometrics, multi-coin support, QR scanner, cross-platform compatibility, automatic conversion rates, and much more.

Types of wallets we build:

Our cryptocurrency wallet development services create various wallet types for streamlined crypto asset management, secure cryptocurrency storage, and easy, fast, and safe cryptocurrency transfer. We deliver cryptocurrency wallets that cater to your specific business needs, ensuring that you have total control over your crypto assets and transactions.

Key features of Custom Cryptocurrency Wallets: Efficient, Secure, and Transparent Crypto Asset Management

  • Safeguarding Your Crypto Assets: Key Security Features of Cryptocurrency Wallets

    Our custom cryptocurrency wallets provide a highly secure infrastructure to store and manage your crypto assets, ensuring transparent and safe payment transactions.

    • Data encryption

    • Biometric authentication (such as facial or fingerprint recognition)

    • Generation and management of public and private keys

    • Automated fraud detection

    • Multi-factor authentication

    • Automated session logout after a pre-defined time

    • Transaction e-signing using asymmetric key pairs

    • Automated generation of a seed phrase

    • Crypto wallet backup

    • End-to-end audit trail

    • Geography-based KYC verification

  • Enabling Efficient Crypto Asset Management

    Our custom cryptocurrency wallets come equipped with a range of features that enable efficient crypto asset management.

    • In-app cryptocurrency trading on a connected crypto exchange.

    • Configurable dashboards that display up-to-date cryptocurrency exchange rates.

    • Automated conversion of the account balance and transferred amounts to the user-defined cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

    • Sending and receiving cryptocurrency peer-to-peer (P2P).

    • Support for cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency and fiat-to-cryptocurrency (and vice versa) exchange transactions.

    • Making and accepting domestic and international cryptocurrency payments, including recurring payments.

    • Automated updates of the value of crypto assets in the account balance.

    • Purchasing cryptocurrencies with a credit card.

    • Over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trading between users of crypto wallets.

    • Selling cryptocurrencies and receiving the proceeds credited to the credit card.

  • Tracking and Tracing Transactions in Crypto Wallets

    In a crypto wallet, you can benefit from advanced features that allow you to track and trace your transactions. With full visibility and facilitated traceability, you can keep an eye on your transactions and ensure they are secure.

    • Comprehensive visibility into all wallet transactions and easy traceability for enhanced security.

    • Real-time transaction tracking by status, time period, transaction amount, and more.

    • Automated identification and denial of duplicate transactions to prevent accidental overspending.

    • A complete transaction history of all crypto assets in your wallet for better record-keeping.

    • Customizable user notifications, such as alerts for successful or failed transactions, or significant changes in crypto coin prices.

  • Multi-Crypto Asset Support

    Crypto wallets provide seamless operations for user-defined cryptocurrencies, including custom crypto tokens, allowing for greater flexibility and personalization.

    • These wallets support transacting and storing various cryptocurrencies, including popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other necessary crypto coins.

    • ERC-20 tokens are also supported, which are commonly used for initial coin offerings (ICOs) and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

    • In addition, crypto wallets can store and transact NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which have become increasingly popular in the digital art and collectibles space.

    • Custom cryptocurrencies can also be supported, allowing for further customization and support for emerging cryptocurrencies in the market.

  • Multi-Signature Support:

    Crypto wallets with multi-signature support provide enhanced security by eliminating a single point of failure and minimizing the risk of unauthorized spend.

    • With multi-user access to the wallet, different wallet users can have configurable rights, such as the ability to initiate transactions or participate in an authorization workflow only.

    • Users can set the number of signatures required to authorize a transaction, providing more control and flexibility over their transactions.

  • QR Code Payments:

    QR code-based payments provide faster and more convenient payments in crypto wallets.

    • Crypto wallets can generate a QR code automatically, which contains data on a crypto wallet address and the selected cryptocurrency.

    • Payments can be sent and received by simply scanning the QR code.

    • QR codes can also be shared with other persons, making it easier to send and receive payments between different parties.

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