dApp Security Audit

Ensure safe and secure blockchain interaction by auditing the off-chain part of your decentralized app.

Why Audit Your dApp?

  • Protect your assets and reputation

    Protecting your assets and reputation is essential in today's digital age. However, decentralized applications (dApps) are often overlooked when it comes to security. Our dApp audit services can create and maintain secure integrations with blockchains, safeguarding your assets and reputation.

  • Avoid costly mistakes

    A security audit is not just an additional expense, but a preventative measure to mitigate risks of hacks and leaks. Neglecting the security of the decentralized application is a mistake, as it is just as crucial as smart contract security.

  • Raise your product reputation

    By securing your whole system and providing the highest level of security possible, you can increase your users' trust in your project. Trust is a vital factor in the success of any project and can be earned by prioritizing security and protecting your users' assets.

Who Needs dApp Audit Services?

  • Wallets

    We secure wallets that handle user private keys, sign and send transactions directly or indirectly.

  • Bridges

    Our services include protecting off-chain bridge oracles to avoid frequent hacks and asset losses.

  • DApps

    Ensure the security of every application that involves sending or signing transactions, storing private keys or seed phrases, reacting to blockchain events, indexing blockchain data, or utilizing message signing for authentication.

When To Opt for dApp Audit?

By conducting regular dApp audits, you can maintain a secure system that protects your assets and reputation. Here are several instances when it's advisable to conduct a dApp audit.

  • One of these instances is before a product release. This is important as it ensures that your dApp is free from vulnerabilities and is secure for use.

  • Conducting an audit before protocol upgrades is crucial as it helps you identify potential security issues and avoid any disruptions that could occur during the upgrade process.

  • Another situation that calls for a dApp audit is when you notice any malicious activity. If you suspect any suspicious activity within your system, conducting an audit can help identify any potential vulnerabilities that have been exploited.

  • Additionally, conducting an audit after implementing significant changes to the core functionality is important as it helps you to ensure that the new changes have not introduced any security vulnerabilities to the system.

Advantages of Architech NYC's dApp Audit

  • Comprehensive Methodology

    Our methodology consists of a detailed line-by-line review, comprehensive overview of all identified issues, dApp scoring, and detailed recommendations. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your dApp is completely secure.

  • Expert Auditors

    Our auditors are experts in reviewing decentralized applications, with a proven track record of identifying vulnerabilities in dApps. They bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to every project we undertake.

  • Trusted By Industry Leaders

    We are trusted by major Web3 projects and leading blockchain organizations. Our clients have relied on our dApp audit services to ensure that their dApps are secure and trustworthy.

  • Personable Service

    We understand the importance of building a personal connection with our clients, which is why we are a credible auditor with public industry-recognized leaders. Our auditors provide a human touch to the dApp audit process, ensuring that our clients feel confident and at ease throughout the entire process.

  • Client-Focused

    Our team is truly caring and dedicated to our clients' outcomes. We prioritize our clients' success and provide personalized services to meet their unique needs.

Customized dApp Audit Services

  • Get a Quote

    Submit your request along with the necessary documentation, and our experts will consult with you regarding the dApp audit price, scope, and timeline.

  • dApp Audit Report

    Architech NYC performs the dApp audit, providing a report that identifies any vulnerabilities detected and recommendations for fixing them.

  • Remediation Check

    After implementing bug fixes, we provide one remediation check to ensure that all changes have been correctly made.

  • Proofed by Architech NYC

    Once your dApp has been audited and secured, you will receive the "Proofed by Architech NYC" label along with a promotion package from our team.

Smart Contract Audit

Protect your project and show users that security is your top priority. Smart contract auditing services help to eliminate vulnerabilities in your project that could lead to financial and reputational losses.

  • Avoid costly mistakes

    The biggest hacks are often caused by security flaws in code. Identifying and eliminating critical security vulnerabilities is essential to protecting your project’s existence.

  • Optimize your code

    Our specialists can provide recommendations on how to optimize your code and detect bugs affecting your product logic in addition to security flaws.

  • Raise your product reputation

    Smart contract auditing can increase users' trust in your project by demonstrating your commitment to security. An audited project has an incident rate less than 1%.

Importance of Smart Contract Audit:

  • Significant losses in crypto projects in 2021 amounted to $3b, indicating the urgency of ensuring security in the blockchain ecosystem.

  • More than 50% of the value stolen in crypto projects can be attributed to code exploits and flash loan attacks.

  • The consequences of security breaches can be severe, causing direct financial losses and a drop in token price, leading to long-term reputational damage.

For which projects is a Smart Contract Audit necessary?

  • Startups

    Smart contract auditing can secure your first steps in the industry and help avoid security gaps that could affect your rapid growth. By working with external professionals, your security level can correspond to your growth targets.

  • Medium-size companies

    Smart contract auditing can prevent unexpected delays when following the roadmap. By working with a security vendor, you can allow your employees to pay greater attention to product development.

  • Enterprises

    The more audits you complete, the lower the chance for hackers to find weak points in your product. An independent check by a trusted security vendor confirms your strong focus on security.

Blockchain Protocol Audit

Our blockchain researchers will make your protocol more secure and resistant to real-world cyberattacks. Secure your protocol's entire architecture and implementation layers with a professional security audit and testing. With the rise of protocols and chains, blockchain cyber security is vital as a single line of code's vulnerability can incur significant risks for all projects built on top of it.

  • New blockchain protocols

    Ensure the stability, reliability, and safety of smart contracts deployed on the network by detecting and addressing critical security issues, implementation flaws, and core functional bugs.

  • Existing protocols

    As the number of transactions and smart contracts deployed on your system increases, the risk of unexpected issues arising also increases. In this case, a blockchain audit helps facilitate secure business growth for the entire ecosystem.

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