Development of Private, Permissioned blockchains

Private blockchains are increasingly being adopted by organizations of all sizes and stages of development due to the opportunities they provide. These opportunities include:

  • Improved coordination between partners within a single system in a verifiable and tamper-proof manner, enhancing collaboration and boosting efficiency.

  • Ensuring transparency and reliability of various processes, from fast exchange of data to secure supply chain management and transparent accounting, enhancing accountability and trust.

  • Reducing operating costs and streamlining business processes, increasing profitability and improving organizational performance.

  • Increased level of trust, including higher security, privacy, compliance, and performance, providing a stable and secure environment for businesses to operate.

Important Aspects to Consider for Your Private Blockchain Implementation

To ensure your private blockchain is properly implemented, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • Privacy

    Privacy concerns are reflected in the privacy of participants, data, and terms. Our team of experts can help you ensure the privacy of your private blockchain.

  • Data Integration

    Coexistence of blockchains and traditional databases through data integration is crucial for successful private blockchain implementation.

  • Interoperability

    Efficient interoperability between on-chain and off-chain components is essential. Cross-chain operations may also be necessary in some cases.

  • Smart Contracts

    Our team can ensure that your network runs smoothly with well-designed and professionally-coded smart contracts that are thoroughly tested to be future-proof.

  • Production Capacity and Maintenance

    Blockchains are complex and expensive to maintain, especially as the number of transaction records and smart contracts increases. Our team can optimize the setup and configuration of your private blockchain to improve its efficiency.

Smart Contracts vs. Traditional Backend

Blockchain applications use smart contracts as the backend. Heavy computation can still be performed by centralized servers while maintaining the decentralization of the overall application.

Our Private Blockchain Development Services

We offer a range of private blockchain development services to help you implement a private blockchain that meets your business needs:

  • Private Blockchain Consulting

    Our business analysts provide expert advice on the workability of private blockchain technology for your specific case. We identify potential use cases based on business value, risk, and complexity.

  • Proof of Concept Development

    We develop a blockchain concept that is validated for feasibility and expected acceptance. Our teams engage in rapid iterations, combining early testing with tech and data research to launch and test solutions quickly.

  • End-to-End Product Development

    Our team takes care of each stage of the development process, including architecture, design, backend, frontend, on-chain vs off-chain, security, optimization, prioritization, development planning, and execution.

  • Private Blockchain Integration

    Our cross-functional expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate private blockchain solutions with your existing software and cloud services. We support you throughout the entire process of integrating and adapting blockchain technology to your business.

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